Cloud Strategy Partners, LLC

   A  Focused, Expert firm - we know Everything About Clouds

Each project is led personally by Managing Director David Bernstein. Depending on workload and areas of expertise required, David will bring in subject matter experts, engineers, and other affiliates and network associates on an as-needed basis.

Clients will never be subcontracted to for project management or point of contact. All work is delivered to the highest of standards. We will personally travel to where the client needs us to be, we will present to executive committees and boards of directors in person, we will sit with chief architects, CIOs and CTOs in person from the early educational and tutorial stages of a project through design sessions to proof of concept or implementation, we will work with your outside professionals, as needed.

If it's a company you are looking to acquire, we'll help you find the right one, and sit with those founders and principals and see the deal through to completion. If it's competitive analysis you are after, we will work with your field sales organization to develop practical, pipeline-moving sales materials. If it's patent development you are after we will work directly with your outside law firm in drafting. If it's architecture, project plan, or prototype development we will work directly with your individual engineers, lab and data center managers, and network administrators.

Our approach is hands-on and practical. We are oriented towards giving our clients deliverable, re-usable documents, plans, prototypes, advice, organizational strategy, or whatever is needed for them to make their objectives. We are not going to deliver to you piles of McKinsey-like undecipherable Powerpoint "recommendations" - you'll get practical usable deliverables you can apply directly to your internal goals and projects, with real people who can help you with your pragmatic project needs.