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   Our Patent Development and Intellectual Property Work

Your ideas need protecting. Your ideas are your company's future. Without new ideas and protection of them, everyone else can do exactly what you do immediately after you've started doing it. All good money-making opportunities start with good money making ideas.

Why use patent consulting?

Now, it's time to make sure that your ideas stay your ideas! You need protected from infringement. Without the advice of someone knowledgeable in the area of patent design and infringement, you risk the danger of investing millions of dollars in new product development and launch only to be slapped with a cease and desist order on your operation because you've infringed on some obscure, unforeseen patent.

What are the common problems with patent consulting?

You begin the tedious work with a patent attorney and after months and months of work and billable hours you're no closer to a patent than when you started. No wonder so many companies are disillusioned with patent work. And when you're finished, you've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a product that has a short market life and little return on investment. You can get a patent but it's not worth much. Many patents are written with very little product and patent protection. A very simple change by a very skilled patent engineer can easily circumvent many patents. In many cases, the client can't even tell the difference!

What do we do differently?

Our engineering and patent knowledge combine into a intuitive ability to design products with an effective and pervasive patent design. To put it simply, you probably won't find a team that can design a better patentable product. We ourselves are patent engineers and we participate before, during, and after the design is complete. Beyond our in-house staff, we retain and utilize technical expertise in the field of knowledge of the products being researched so that can bring to bear for our clients every possible insight and idea.